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Centrifugal Governor


The centrifugal governor takes over mechanical control tasks. According to the preset spring tension it engages, depending on the RPMs, in a mechanism.

How it works

Two or more weights are fastened to a shaft in such a way, that they can move outwards against the force of one or more springs if the RPMs of the shaft rise. This movement of the centrifugal weights is passed on through a suitable mechanism, and is used for controlling- or regulation processes.With a non pre-tensioned spring, the centrifugal weights move continuously outwards with increasing RPMs. If the spring is pre- tensioned, they move only above a certain RPM. With two or more springs with differing characteristics, these movements can be distributed to two or more RPM ranges. 06/09


Centrifugal governor (In-line injection pump)
Centrifugal governor (Distributor type injection pump)
Centrifugal governor (Automatic gearbox)

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