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Wiper Blade


When all is said and done, the wiper blade is responsible for the successful cleaning of the windscreen. Indeed nowadays, several other demands are also made on it, e.g., apart from a satisfactory durability, the noise level should also be low. In addition, there is the safety aspect, also at higher speeds.


Now, instead of complicated mechanics, with 3 to 4 joints, a rubber profile is used, the already existing arms of the old system are now more responsible for the even distribution of the pressure to the windscreen. This construction of course, more effectively prevents the lifting of the blades at high speeds. In addition, the profiles are shaped similar to the previous clip-on spoilers.

In the above picture it can be seen that the shape of the actual wiper-rubbers has stayed almost the same. The wiper lip and the wiper body are not longer made from the same material, the wiper body is now substantially softer. The construction height has also been reduced. Thus, apart from the increased effeciency, the noise development at high speeds is also lower. When the wipers are not in use, they can now also be hidden better under the bonnet. 02/11

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