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 Engine Oil-Finder

Lubrication - Centrifugal oil-filter

For trucks, marine Diesels, tractors, construction site machines . . .

There has always been oil-cleaning through centrifugal forces, Earlier on even in normal motor cars. One had to open them up regularly and scrape everything out. Nowadays it's different, one simply replaces the inner cartridge.

Functions after the sprinkler principle.

The absolutely necessary rotation occurs by mounting the centrifuge on a rotating part, e.g., on the front end of the crankshaft. Nowadays if possible, this component is charged with the full oil-pressure and as soon as it's full, the oil escapes from the rotor through two tangential bores with free-flow jets.

Particles of less than 0,25 thousandths of a millimetre can be filtered out.

So, the oil-pressure is responsible for the fast rotation, the fact that it's fitted with ball-bearings does the rest. The manufacturer maintains that 90% of the dirt particles in the oil are smaller than one 2-thousandth of a millimetre. These are filtered out by a centrifuge having a rotation speed of up to 10.000 RPM.

Only about 5 percent in the main current..

This fine-filter has always been mounted in the oil by-pass flow. Although it does require the full oil-pressure, the oil taken in must be retained for a certain amount of time. Apart from this, if the oil through-flow were too strong, the fine particle deposits on the walls would again be drawn into the circulation.

In the case of later installation, no more than 15° inclination.

The longer inspection intervals, which are typical for trucks, are supported by such a thorough oil cleaning. Should the protection period of the centrifuge not be long enough, then larger and even several are possible, e.g., three filters strategically placed.

A maximum volume of more than 5 litres is possible.

If during the servicing, the oil has leaked out, only the rotating dirt chamber has to be replaced. Your hands can remain relatively clean and the job is done in a lot less time. One further point, the dirt containers should be able to be disposed of, e.g., in an incineration plant. 04/14

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