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The Americans have a strange way of solving their problems in the early sixties. For example, the kids actually should go to bed whereas the parents still want to visit a cinema, but not lieve the children unattended, So simply drives the whole family to the drive-in cinema. There the children sleep in the car and the parents relax. The cars are big enough. So we already have the two keywords of American society of that time, comfort and security.

You love it comfortably. Why should one dare if there are corresponding other possibilities. Although you are little familiar with the technology of cars, but every year a new model, that has to be. The techinology is almost the same, only the bodywork changes, so that everyone who has not bought a new car is recognized, and then the fierce battle for market shares starts.

Each year a new car that creates opportunities for the seller. Once a customer has found the way to get there, he/she may be not allowed to leave the dealers extensive terrain without a new car. You think you should be more cautious when buying a new car?

Not so the Americans of that time. At least the buyers of American cars. For example, A VW beetle is more likely to pay, but it has also longer, and is eliminated at the annual sales roulette. The others leave the dealer after about an hour with the new car, after their creditworthiness by telephone is ensured.

The now used exchange car has a strongly lowered price and is now a popular goal of frequenters, e.g. sales representatives. The value falls below half even after two years. Now people have a chance, which don't want to spend so much money, but can also live with the now lacking operational safety.

Shortly before the scrapping after 5 to 6 years still teenagers arrive with little money. The others will presumably get a chic new Ford Mustang from Daddy, also produced in frictionless mass production mercilessly cheap. At the beginning of the sixties, the convertibles and for American conditions boom small athletes, who have not yet the predicate 'Muscle Car'.

In contrast to today, there is a broad middle class, which thinks about second or even third cars. The design of the larger sedans is also based on the design of fast aircraft. USA can scarcely move for power and Europe is not only dependent on exports, but also tries to emulate this lifestyle.

But these over-arching forms look slightly exaggerated on the American unitary chassis, not to mention the driving characteristics. On a much smaller chassis in Europe this design has a burdensome effect, But the Americans do not care much about the world, only their politicians. You dream of the moon and see no end of prosperity.

The American view of things is rather carefree. What should be wrong about it, to consume, so that the economy is booming? Why not scrape the car after 5 to 6 years? Trucks run a bit longer. Energy, resources or environmental protection are not an issue, by the way, in Europe, only because of the limited resources. On American scrap heaps the entire interior and tires are disposed of by burning, the rest comes into the shredder.

The economy triumphs. Driving license already from 16, in special situations even from 15 years old. The practical driving test consists, for example, until today still mainly from the control of the necessary hand signs in the case of a direction indicator out-of-order. The access to the car is as easy as nearly nowhere on the civilized world.

You may know today's pictures of Detroit, where the city has lost more than a third of its inhabitants. At the end of 1950, it was one of the five largest cities in the USA and was regarded as the cradle of automobile construction. None of the big three, almost single remaining car manufacturers could afford to be present there or at least nearby. At the beginning of the sixties, this industry was still subject to an eerie upheaval. After all, research has been in the automotive sector for almost 40 years. They are currently working on the autonomuous driving car. Cables are to be laid under the most important main roads and the vehicles are hanged along. Communication between the vehicles is also to be facilitated in order to avoid accidents. How equally the pictures look like ...05/17