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Back to Henry Ford. Instead of spending his holiday in a large tent, he bought the 'Hermitage', a kind of villa that he moved to his country south of Savannah. In the meantime, he had bought almost 500 square kilometers of land, developing and spreading traditional base for new ideas in agriculture.

75 years old was Henry Ford in 1938. Simplicity and rural life had always been his subject, although he had sold the world the first affordable means of transport in masses. Here he had a complete infrastructure. Iit was a beautiful, but underdeveloped area. By the way, it is a tradition in America that successful entrepreneurs are reluctant to pay taxes but donate large portions of their wealth.

This is less the belief in the state than in the country and in progress. In this sense, Ford created jobs for six hundred people, a school, health care center and even a college for research and training future farm counselors. So critical, as some people see Ford, his disastrous mass production of soybeans and his aversion to Jewish peasants, but here he seems to have succeeded something exemplary for the time.

Back to Ford and his camping pleasure. He probably did this mainly because of his love for nature, even more so as a bird-lover. Other Americans use camping rather to relatively cheap conquest of travel. At the end of the thirties, of course, only a few motorhomes derived from the truck (picture), as they are now driving through the country's shuttles to the extended coach size with cars behind them. At that time, it is a trailer of a more modest cut.

However, the Americans likes it comfortably and that can be seen at the campsites e.g. In Florida. There are already small places with mayors office, post office, laundry, library, party, society, cinema and so on. The trailer is regularly supplied with meat, vegetables and baked goods. This may be in the meantime also in Germany, but in the USA already in the thirties. You can even live with school-age children because the school bus takes them off. 01/13