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The French roots of Louisiana date to the 17th century, when the French settled down on the far shores of the southern Mississippi. In the 18th century, ships from Africa brought slaves also to this part of southern North America. The wars in Europe, with England and Spain, also led to some change of domination in Louisiana.

When the country once again belonged to France, it was finally sold by Napoleon Bonaparte, because he needed the money for the war fund and had just experienced a military disaster in Haiti. France was at least half Europe, but it is desisted from North America.

You may be surprised, but Europe is almost as big as the US with 10 million square kilometers. But since the number of inhabitants is only 42 per cent of Europe, the USA seams to be bigger. A stronger urbanization makes the impression of less people in the countryside. If you drive across the country and see the comparatively large distances between the farms, life seems to be much harder here than in Europe.

Probably, all religions have so much significance here, where even intelligent young women are ecstatic before a simple Jesus statue. A place of pilgrimage was built on a chapel, which is swept by the hurricane. There are in the thirties federal states, in which a divorce is not possible. Even the smallest settlements need a church, otherwise they are under general condemnation.

One of the antitheses of the United States is the one between rich and poor, referring to our next example: very poor and very rich. Something else can not be tolerated anywhere else, sometimes a good symbiosis, especially when the empire is called Henry Ford and has always had a deep affection for the tradition and the farmers. In the 1930s, his reputation and fortune had reached a certain climax, which could not be said about the Savannah area. The city itself also stayed in the memory of the later traveler. Hardly a view without the large old trees, always shady, as well as subterranean canopies. 05/17