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Perhaps this particular image of East Asia shows the situation of Korea, which is always threatened in the history, and explains the still existing association with different systems. In the center North Korea with the capital Pyongyang and South Korea with Seoul.

To the north and above all to the west, China, south, and especially east, Japan. In the north-east, a little corner of Russian border upon North Korea. In the west the Chinese Sea, in the east the Japanese. To the history of Korea, we can recommend the video below as long as it is still available.

It is still divided as Germany was. Since the end of the Korean War, there has been very limited joint economic activity near the demarcation line. South Korean companies produce with North Korean workers. If there are tensions, these projects are immediately threatened.

There has been a very brief political spring with very limited visits from South Koreans to relatives in the north, but in recent times (2017) it looks rather gloomy. The new American President Trump is currently traveling to China. There he wants to explore the opportunities for joint action against the persistent provocations of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un, if necessary he may actions alone, let us hope not a repetition of history. 04/17