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We don't want to offend the design in other countries here. Too beautiful is what, for example, Jaguar for Great Britain or GM for the United States has left for posterity. Nevertheless, Italy remains undisputed as a kind of cradle of automotive design. Rarer are here the successful individual pieces than rather whole series of gifted exhibits. Often several masters of clay shaping belong to one Carrozzeria (body shop), often one after the other leading the business, or it's opend an additional.

Bruno Sacco is an example of the countless 'exported' Italian designer. He studied in his native country and worked at Pininfarina and Ghia, before he changed to Mercedes-Benz in 1958 and here played an important role. Of the many possible examples remained in memory the difficult task of a successor to the 300 SL, which leads to the so-called ''Pagoda'. Rather rated negatively the protective side mouldings from 1980, defamed as 'Sacco boards'.

Turin is so important in the early years of the automobile industry and also for a long time thereafter that even Enzo Ferrari finds himself constrained at an early age to move there. The city had very good transport connections for the time and was a former center for the construction of carriages. Of course, many cities are worth mentioning even in the somewhat distant surroundings, but Turin seemed to be not only because of Fiat, the center of automotive design.

After the Second World War, three coachbuilders made themselves a special name: Pininfarina, Bertone and Giugiaro. While the latter came out of the company of Bertone. How closely were the linkages, was to see from the fact that Giugiaro learned at Fiat also and in the meantime changed to Carrozeria Ghia. There were still more than 100 such establishments in the early sixties, the differentiation was difficult. At the end of this decade, more than 50 had disappeared.

It is difficult to put in order the Ferrari road cars of the first time, because almost every model was a little different. Italian body artists have not only designed for manufacturers prototypes, but also for rich people completely normal ridable cars. Since the car was done by hand, one could make possible for customers deviations from the normal model whereof, for example, Americans gladly made use of. Of course, such an elaborate production is possible only under the conditions of an actually too low wage level. 11/15

Little parts from Bertone's creativity ...
1954Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
1958Alfa Giulietta Sprint Speziale
1962Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint
1962Iso Rivolta 300 GT
1962Simca 1200 S Coupé
1962BMW 3200 CS
1963Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint
1965Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA
1965Abarth OT 1000 Spider
1966Lamborghini Miura
1968Lamborghini Espada
1968Alfa Romeo Carabo-prototype
1970Alfa Romeo Montreal
1970Lamborghini Jarama
1972Fiat X 1/9
1973Lamborghini Urraco
1974Lamborghini Countach
1974Ferrari 308 GT 4
1976Volvo P 262 C
1976Lamborghini Silhouette
1985Volvo 780
1994Ferrari F 355

Little parts from Giugiaro's creativity ...
1958Giulietta Spr. Speziale
19622600 Sprint
1965Fiat 850 Spider
1969Ghibli Spider
1972Alfasud - successful design
1973Passat B1
1974VW Scirocco 1
1981De Lorean
1991Subaru XT
1993Fiat Punto

Little parts from Pininfarina's creativity ...
1955Peugeot 403
1962Ferrari 250 GTO
1962Lancia Flaminia Coupé
1963Ferrari 250 LM
1964Ferrari 275 GTB
1964Morris 1800
1964Abarth 1000 GT Spider
1965OT 1000 Coupé
1966Fiat Dino Spider
1966Fiat 124 Spider
1966Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider
1968Peugeot 504
1975Lancia Beta Montecarlo
1976Ferrari BB 512
1984Ferrari Testarossa
1987Peugeot 205 GTI
1996Ferrari 550
2004Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
2005Ferrari F 430
2008Ferrari California
2009Ferrari 458
2014Ferrari California T