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Great Britain 7

The joint venture with the Rover Group was a downright cooperation with European descendants of the models Civic, Accord and Ballade and influenced japanese engines for the English models. It ended with the takeover by BMW.

Today, Honda operates its own factory in Swindon, west of London halfway to Bristol. There is additional to the vehicle also an engine manufacturing and, thanks to the many airfields from wartime, also a test ground. 3400 employees produce up to 250,000 vehicles per year.

The Rover Group was acquired by BMW, initially not a good deal. BMW said goodbye with allegedly 6 billion euro loss. The Mini remained from the estate and the starts straight into its second edition. It is also manufactured in Swindon, but in Oxford and Hams Hall, too. In addition to the continental production facility in Born (The Netherlands), four-wheel drive versions are also produced at Magna Steyr (Austria).

Overall, there should be about 300,000 pieces, in the long term thereof manufactured about 260,000 in England. Already now, the Mini with 20 percent is an important and attractive production segment of BMW. And there's still the Rolls-Royce, its basic structure including drive will manufactured in Germany, but however finalinstalled in Goodwood, south-west of London and Bracknell to the west of London.

One only has the rights to the name, radiator and hood ornament. The rest, Bentley and the highly respected workshops in Crewe south of Manchester including the name 'Bentley' passed into the possession of VW. From this luxury vehicle will still produced significantly less than 10,000 per year, but extensions are planned of both the model series and the production.

Many manufacturing plants are grouped around London. Not so for the now renewed Nissan Qashqai. The comes, as well as the electric car Leaf, from Sunderland on the northern east coast of England. Also its success contributes to that England has an increasing automobile production, in contrast to Germany, France and Spain, although in the overall result still significantly less.

Aston Martin is a bit closer to with Gaydon south of Coventry, albeit in relation to the others with much smaller number of pieces of less than 10,000. But here is still much craftsmanship necessary, which increases the number of employees. In addition, Gaydon has now even brought into the company the production of the fourth series, the Rapide (S) of Magna Steyr.

On behalf of Toyota is manufactured at Burnaston, just north of Coventry and Birmingham, very close to Derby ans still today the headquarters of the once separated construction of Rolls-Royce engines and an appropriate museum. Engine production is in Deeside at Liverpool. Overall, Toyota comes to a capacity of more than 250,000 cars for the European market.

Ford has recently said good-bye in Southampton and the construction of commercial vehicles completely relocated to Turkey. But one still has an engine plant in Bridgend (Wales), though somehow connected with Jaguar Land Rover. Even the old center in Dagenham is probably lost for the vehicle construction, since the new version of the Fiesta will not be built there, but in Spain.

Ellesmere Port is located, as the name already suggests, on the west coast south-east of Manchester. This factory of GM, still Vauxhall in England shall to benefit from the closure of Bochum. Here then the production of the 'old' Zafira will again revive briefly because in Bochum, one has rejected a perceived as an unreasonable agreement on a future until 2016. After all, GM Europe shall to be managed from Rüsselsheim.

There remains the successful combination of Jaguar and Land Rover, in the hands of Tata Motors (India) united. One has retained the production sites for the time being, eg Land Rover in Halewood (Liverpool), a factory taken over from Ford. However, Ford has kept the gearbox production, operated together with Getrag. The Land Rover from there selling very well what the number of employees has increased to 4,000 and led to three working shifts.

Only the Evoque will be manufactured at Halewood, the other Land Rover in Lode Lane, the headquarters of Land Rover southeast of Birmingham. For both factories, there is now a guarantee of existence until 2020. 11/13

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