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Great Britain 6

Shortly after the oil price crisis, it is all over with the boom years. Now it depends on favorable structures. However, Britain's car industry is considered to be little modern and too much focused on the territory of the West Midlands, north of London. Government attempts, to relocate in a northeasterly direction, did not prove very successful. From 1978, several plants have to be closed what specific regions hits particularly because of the enormous concentration. It's that time of the slowly propagating industrial wastelands, which then not directly activated by other growth areas.

Especially because domestic consumption was so strong previously, its absence is particularly noticeable by rampant unemployment. The decline in the EU tariffs on imported cars is an additional problem. In return, the British pound rises because just now be found huge energy resources in the North Sea, also a difficulty for the export of vehicles. British cars are considered significantly more expensive abroad than at home.

Average of one day of strike per week

Legendary are the question marks that one makes behind the product quality of vehicles from that time. Whether it has just something to do with the still existing fragmentation of British car manufacturing and/or with their outdated production methods? Similarly as in Italy at this time, the trade unions are not beneficial to the recovery. There are too many, not at all merged and as a small cog with the possibility provided to stop the large gear at any time.

More and more of the British automotive industry comes into foreign hands. Morris and Austin are completely sacrificed. Ford closes the plant in Dagenham and the development is transfered more and more Germany. General Motors does similar with Vauxhall. 10/13

Now we have still forgotten Avis, Singer, Hillman, Humber, Riley, Sunbeam, Talbot, Mauddslay, Swift, Lagonda and others, but this we makes good sometime.

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