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Great Britain 2

1947 With India Great Britain loses the crown colony.

Gone are the days of the great maritime nations, once won by the Spanish Armada. Germany wants to dispute the British predominance and plunges both into disaster. Even in Europe, Great Britain no longer playing the very first violin. Dissociates oneself from the Community sometimes, does not participate in the euro and gradually comes with its intermediate role in distress.

The others would like to hug the British a little more but there seem to be real differences in mentality. Although the majority of Britons more likely is for a departure from the European Union, they appear with personal encounters not really unruly. Comfortable driving is still possible here, as previously in the Netherlands. The speed is strictly limited. Driving fast is just possible on one of the many preserved airfields.

The British love of history and old buildings is a bit getting used for a hotel stay in the not too high category. Then rather Bed & Breakfast, not cheaper, but still working well, though not quite as personal as earlier. For visitors from the continent unusual: the sockets and some on/off power switch. Who previously studied the offer in detail, can lodge surprisingly cheap in England.

This certainly do not apply to an extensive menu that effortlessly devours savings. However, is said by the English kitchen, that it not differs quite as much of the continental as before. By the way, the colour of food seems to play a special role here. Just as an old lady, the Queen, dresses still candy coloured.

Sometimes on the coastal road the huge amusement parks attract attention the also prefer these colours. Do not give too much gas because within reach, it will be quiet and the beach invites to a walk and to dwell on well-kept park benches. At all, parks give the keyword wherein some e.g. in southern England are so large that they really must be explored with the car.

No, London by car you should avoid. In an instant, you are too far in the City and later receive a traffic ticket at home. Then the taxi would have been cheaper. Speaking of taxis, there are still the same, wonderfully protected by an adventurous small turning circle.

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