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Great Britain 1

Beautiful country, nice people, very clinging to tried and tested, sometimes too much. That comes to my mind if someone asks me to Britain. Green is the predominant colour there. It also has shaped British racing cars. Supposedly, it rains a lot, but we have mostly had luck during our visits there.

It is but probably the island feeling that characterizes the people there. Since one have less tendency to continental adjustment. This applies to many areas, not just for the left-hand traffic andthe Royals. By the way, if you drive left, this also means that there is no 'right before left'. However, also no 'left before right'. The law says you have to agree, if no regulation exists.

Not the worst solution, such as German towns prove the have drastically reduced the signs. A total contrast the English nuclear program to the German nuclear phase-out and about our criticism of the British National Health Service we Germans should think once again. The British, in their majority obviously love it.

Wait and see, in England this is not only a saying. It is strong and often mixed with milk and sugar. The 5-clock tea was already celebrated at times of Queen Victoria. Apparently, the Brits like the cosiness. While Bistros slowly disappearing in France, Pubs hold the position.

Perhaps its popularity is determined indeed by the stormy Atlantic lows specific weather. No, the closing time by 23 clock has long been abolished. Maybe the lot of rain is also the reason for the whiskey production. Which in turn fits to Irish coffee and to cosiness inside the reed covered cottage.

Perhaps the three parts of the UK are not so different. They are more closely connected when they were a defining aspect of an Empire. King Edward VII was worshiped as Emperor of India. Australia and Canada belong to, the latter in terms of area the second largest country in the world. Even earlier, Henry VIII founded his own church, the still exists today. 10/13

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