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Rim (truck)


In the truck area, rationalisation has also been in effect for a long time now. The tyres are mounted by machines, and no driver can mount a new tyre on a country road with on-board means any more. However, the wheel rims have become lighter and cheaper to produce.

How it works

With tubeless tyres it must be prevented, that with dropping pressure, the wheel rim slips off into the deep bed. In some cases, on the truck rim, only one rim- bead has been left over. As it is, it's not very easy to press the tyre over the bead because the tyre pressure (approx. 8 bar) is very high. A 15° high shoulder on both sides of the deep bed seals the newly mounted tyre to the wheel rim. In this position, an air-tight situation must be achieved, and with it, a certain amount of pressure which then presses the tyre gently up the high shoulder into its final position. 06/09