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Electronic tyre pressure control 3

In the meantime, the tyre-pressure monitoring system is obligatory. Now, one is not always satisfied with simply measuring the tyre-RPMs. A type of chip is installed in the tyre, and although it does send the pressure and temperature values to a permanently installed aerial, up to now it is still dependent on a battery.

It's quite obvious, that his means extra costs for the consumer. Already when replacing a tyre, the question arises: will the battery last as long as the tyre will? If not, then the complete transmitting component must be replaced, immediately or later on. Added to this, are the costs of having the wheel removed, balanced and remounted.

In the above picture, you can see a new development by Dunlop, albeit not quite ready ready for marketing, which, to a large extent solves the problem. Apparently, once again, Piezo crystals are to be used, this time with the task of producing kinetic energy from the great amount of movement on the inside surface of the tread. The battery would become superfluous, i.e., a money saving for the car owner.

Now of course, the idea has been carried further. Not only should the chip send pressure and temperature to the control device, but also the specific data for the tyre, which could then have an influence on the suspension and/or the shock absorbers. Presumably, the progress concerning the handling is not far away.

Whatever the case may be, this combination is worthwhile for the tyre-manufacturer, who receives only a fraction of the cost of installing this as original equipment compared with what the later replacment brings in. Should the tyres and the vehicle be linked with each other, it will be strongly recommended that this union be mantained.

Nonetheless, this invention is still sensible, since no additional removal, balancing and remounting of the tyres is necessary. Apart from this, there is no danger of damage occurring when remounting the tyre. It will of course, be interesting to see just how much more the tyres cost when this new system is introduced. 03/14

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