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Swinging Fork



Even though the swinging forks on some motorcycle look as if they have been thrown together by makeshift welding of a few box-profiles together, in the above picture however, a really good looking example can be seen. From the number of welding seams, it can be seen from just how many parts it is composed. Here, obviously, a hollow cast profile with two further hollow profiles and two solid end pieces have been welded together. The shaping with hydraulics found in relatively small series of motorcycle building, has not yet asserted itself.
Looking at the swinging fork, one can discern a great deal about the construction of the accompanying motorcycle. The welded mounting not far from the centre of rotation, points to a single central shock absorber. Judging by the elongated holes in the side arms one can assume that this unit is for a chain-drive machine. 01/10               Top of page               Index
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