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Twelve-cylinder V-engine

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Twelve-cylinder engines do have a long tradition.

As a kind of appetizer you may read the page about the first German 12 cylinder after the War. There, you may become accustomed with the design, especially the idea that the 60°-V 12 is basically made up of two six-cylinder in-line engines. Thus, the crankshaft in the side outline on top corresponds - except for the width of the big-end bearings and their two oil bores - to that of a six-cylinder engine.

V-12 cylinders are basically double inline six-cylinders.

Of course both cylinder benches are staggered by around half a big-end bearing width, making the engine a little bit longer. Looking at both old-timer aircraft engines in the history of BMW, (figure 1 and 2) points out that this is not necessarily always the case. Here one connecting rod reaches into another connecting rod. You could therefore refer to it as the leading connecting rod. Therewith there is absolutely no pawning and a really identical crankshaft.

They are inserted as diesel trucks, diesel passenger cars and petrol passenger car engines.

If you furthermore take into account the V12 cylinder block out of the utility vehicle area, you are fairly ready to compose the Ferrari engine. We substitute the timing belts with chains and have returned again to the figures on top. Enjoy the different views and the fact that there is no hampering cylinder crankcase.

In spite of many components relatively simply

Astonishingly the relative simplicity of this extraordinary engine. At least, 48 valves have to be operated besides 12 pistons. And all of that via one double row chain. Modern engines of this kind will probably be equipped with roller tappets and variable valve timing. Indeed, in view of the CO2-discussion, the production of such an engine might be ceased. 03/09

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