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Motor-home 2

Did one already refer to the VW-Bus, with it's typical Westfalia fitting-out, as a motor-home (see picture 1)? After all, it was meant for traveling, no-one wanted to have to stick it out at the same place for a whole week under these cramped conditions, eg., when the weather was bad. In this case however, it was possible, to pack and stow everything quite quickly, So that one could move further south in the hope of finding better weather.

Things were made even better with the appearance of the VW T2 (see picture 2). The side doors made way for a sliding door, thus no longer blocking the access to the front passenger door. The progress as far as the engine performance was concerned, was clearly noticeable, also the brakes and above all, the suspension was improved. What was still possible, using the same amount of space, was shown by the following model, with an even further lowered rear-floor and the economical Diesel engine (see picture 4).

At this point, the best compromise between mobility and comfort was actually reached, if one's focus was on the former and one wanted rather to visit the countries in the south of Europe. Also central France, with the Loire and the Saône, turned out to be a worthwhile target, somthing to please the eye and the palate. The on-board kitchen could remain cold, for those whose budget was a bit higher.

Then, somewhere along the line the travellers shook off the their modesty. The world of motor-homes was divided between those adventurers who wanted to see the world, even as far a China, with their all-wheel-drive, and whose vehicles could actually be classified as trucks, and those who wanted to take the luxury and comfort of their homes with them on holiday.

As it always is with innovations, everyone is affected. They cannot be condemned 'lock, stock and barrel', because they sometimes really make sense. If e.g., due to the electrics/electronics, only one person is needed to hitch up the caravan, to position it horizontaly or if one can receive one's favourite TV-channel almost anywhere.

The question is, how to get young people interested in this type of travelling. Certainly, the whole business of motor-home travelling is very often simply to expensive for them, since they also have to consider the cost of accommodating the truck-like vehicles, which don't generally fit into garage. Although, for the children, it's pretty much agreed, that spending their holiday at a camping place, is probably a lot more fun than in a hotel.

This clientele cannot be drawn in by simply offering an outlet to charge E-bikes. Perhaps one should offer more possibilities for them to carry out their sporting activities. The surfboard could always be carried, either on the roof or in the vehicle, but how about being able to fold the interior fittings out of the way, so that one, or even two motorcycles could be transported, perhaps not a bad idea … 08/13

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