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In-line Injection Pump (P-type)


In a large number of heavy utility vehicles it will still be doing it's duty for a long time. It was the further development of the A-pump particularly for higher injection pressures. With it's individual removable pump elements, it was principally that, which was later installed in cylinder heads as the pump nozzle. The elements were screwed together through oblong holes to the aluminium casing. The transport quantity could here be varied from one element to the other by twisting the elements and then tightening them again. The example shown in the above picture, had, on the left, an additional device for a boost-pressure dependent stop unit in charged engines.

The P-pump is still installed, because it was successfully 'electrified'. Basically, one servo-motor each was sufficient in the casing of the centrifugal governor, one for the control-rod and one for the shifting lever set on a shaft for the individual pump elements. While the control-rod carries on doing it's normal job, all the evenly shiftable pump cylinders take over the work of the automatic injection timing mechanism. Thereby, an upward shift means a later delivery start. Consequently, this particular model of the P-pump is also known as a stroke-slider pump.

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