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Rack and Pinion Steering


The rack and pinion steering partially replaces the tie-rod and converts the rotary movement of the steering column, through the remaining short tie-rods and levers, into a pivoting movement of the wheels. It is suitable for motor cars and transporters etc. and provides a sensitive recentering, and a relatively direct steering with only little friction loss.


A gearwheel connected with the steering wheel through the steering column, meshes into a geared rack. By turning the steering wheel, the rack is shifted, thus pivoting the wheels. For it to work, it is pressed by a spring against the gearwheel. This provides a connection which is almost free of play. The rack is provided with a long-term greasing and its ends must be sealed with rubber bellows. The rack may have, from the center outwards, a diminishing tooth-pitch, which enables a variable steering ratio. Thereby, the steering is more direct in the center position, and lighter when turned to lock.


When servicing, always check the bellows which protect the long-term grease filling, their timely replacement protects the steering gear. 02/11

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