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Steering tie-rod (one-piece)


It almost seemed, as if the front rigid-axles were only still found in utility vehicles. However, the boom in (genuine) off-road vehicles has once again brought them into the spotlight. Since vehicles with rigid-axles do not lose road contact, even when a (larger) hump on the left is followed directly by a (larger) hump on the right. This demand on the suspension is called articulation.


The one-piece tie-rod is found exclusively with rigid axles. It is the easiest possible way to produce a steering trapezoid. Apart from this, it keeps the vehicle on track, even with high spring travel. As a connection with both the right- and the left steering arms, it transfers the steering forces (please click on the above figure).

Somewhat more difficult is the transfer of the steering forces to the tie-rod. This always occurs through a steering gear (recirculating ball steering or a worm-and-sector steering and is transferred through an additional linkage. 04/10



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