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Clutch 8 - Diaphragm Spring

Spring with radial slots

The diaphragm spring or the plate spring is substituted for transfer elements between clutch lid and pressure ring and reducing the operating forces for the driver.

With tilting rings or bolts attached to the clutch cover

A slightly conical disc, slotted several times from the inside, from spring steel connects the clutch lid with the pressure ring. Due to its preload it presses the pressure ring of the engaged clutch against the clutch disc. In order to disengage the clutch, the release device presses against the slotted segments and thereby pulls back the pressure plate. This design results in applying the biggest pressure forces in the pressure point. If the clutch pedal is engaged further, the force rather decreases at the disc spring in contrast to coil springs. 05/08

Tilting reduces by pedal operation the pedal power

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