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Clutch 4 - Dry 2

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This type of clutch is found in vehicles with front-wheel drive and a tranverse mounted engine. It requires less space than the customary clutch with clutch release bearing within the clutch housing in depressed implementation. Thereby, larger engines than, e.g., four cylinder in-line engines are possible. A small side effect is that the clutch release bearing can be replaced without removing the engine or the gearbox.


The release bearing is situated on the outside of the gearbox and operates the clutch through a push-rod. With this type of clutch design, the pressure plate is on the engine side and the flywheel is situated on the gearbox side. The inside of the membran spring is shifted to the left by a push-rod and a plate. The pressure ring also moves to the left and releases the clutch plate. The rest is the same as in the depressed implementation.


The construction is mainly found in VW transverse engines. Here can resolve itself in conjunction with the six-speed transmission, the bearing achievable from the outside in the axial direction. This leads to difficulties when changing gears or gear engagement. A purpose-built cover instead the from plastic may fix the bearing on its outer ring. 06/15

Release bearing change in transmission:

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