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Clutch 5 - Dry 3

More and more quite normal cars are becoming sports-car like. However, stronger engines with a higher torque, require larger clutches. Apart from that, the demands made on them are also as a rule, higher. Which is one further reason to provide a large friction surface and sufficient clutch-pad. If then, the installation space is too small through the diameter of the existing bell-housing, one can consider a double-disc clutch. One disadvantage is the somewhat longer clutch release-path.

In the above figure it can be seen with stronger disc springs and two clutch discs. In each case they lie with one side on the intermediate ring which is solidly linked with the clutch casing. All that is now added, are the slightly longer gear-teeth on the gearbox-input shaft. Actually, there are not really any further differences from the single-disc dry clutch. This clutch design is also found in heavy utility vehicles. 09/09