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Clutch 29 - hydrodynamic

Still the best initial drive comfort

Today torque converters are still appreciated because they guarantee a soft initial drive free of jerk. This comes about due to the transmission with converter-oil. At the same time a torque increase is managed. However, the more softy the initial drive and perhaps the gears are switched, the less favourable the efficiency.

Cut exposes turbine wheel and guide wheel

In the figure on top the light grey case with the impeller strikes first. The half cut pin to the drive of the oil pump in the automatic gearbox is visible. At its outside radius it almost touches the dark grey turbine wheel. It is clearly recognizable here that the oil must flow around in a bend to hit then inside again the light grey guide wheel. With a little good will, also the second re-direction of the converter oil is recognizable at the guide wheel. Thus it hits in the direction of movement again from the inside onto the blades of the impeller.

Look at the freewheel of the guide wheel

Further inside at least seven locking pieces of the freewheel are visible. From them you can judge the possible and the blocked rotation direction of the guide wheel. With the initial drive forces are effective that want the wheel to rotate backwards. The locking pieces prevent this. In the case of approximate conformity of the revs, a rigid guide wheel would clearly hinder the oil flow. Therefore, the freewheel allows this rotation direction.

Multi-disc by pass clutch structure with torsion springs

The converter by pass clutch makes up the front part to the engine. The torsion springs are nicely worked out in the picture to avoid gearbox noises like the clutch disc produces them with the frictional clutch. In this case you could speak of a multi-disc wet clutch, still standard for a 2007 automatic gearbox. The only difference compared to the past is the durable intervention after a successful initial drive. Switching gear the clutch does not open any more. 06/08