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Cooling 2 - Fan wheel


Also a liquid-cooled engine has an air cooling. All the heat emerging from the automobile is delivered at the end to the surrounding air. Coolant and oil are just stopovers. The heat 'lost' in this way should be considered an 'energy loss' and - except for the interior heating - should be prevented. Because most materials would not stand a higher temperature, the loss is difficult to avoid. The smaller the loss, the better the fuel consumption. This is valid even for the heat from the brake system. Ceramics is interesting for the brakes already now and might become interesting as a material for the internal combustion engine in the future. The cooling air that does not have to flow through the engine compartment stands for a lower flow-through and saves also in terms of air resistance. 06/08


Cooling system in the automobile
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Air or
Brake assemblyEngineEngine oil
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