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Working with Repair Bench


This is a universal jig bench, in principle, suitable for any vehicle, provided its dimensions fall within certain orders of magnitude. The second condition is that a data sheet must be available. This can, however, be obtained from the manufacturer of this jig bench in a relatively short time, either by fax or by e-mail.

How it works

The car body shown here is mounted on the jig bench using only two clamps on both side-skirts. This is sufficient for the measuring and also for minor drawing work. If greater forces are necessary, more mounting clamps must be applied.

For measuring, the yellow, vertical rod in the foreground plays an important role. Its point fits into a corresponding gap in the car body if this point has the correct distance to all other measuring points of the car body. To do this, a tube with a measuring scale can be pulled out of the yellow rod. This now, guarantees the correct height. On the frame side rail there is also a yellow scale, and in the above figure,(not visible), is a scale for the distance from the middle longitudinal axle. In this way nearly every point is adjustable using the exact X-, Y-and Z coordinates.

As already mentioned above, a data sheet on which the measuring points with their exact values are noted, exists for every car body. This is the actual treasure of a company which puts universal jig benches on the market. It must determine the values for every new- or radically changed vehicle. It is also worth mentioning that there are also, for the yellow pipe, other fittings available which fit, e.g., exactly into screw-threading. 08/08

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