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Bodywork repair 2

In the above pictures can be seen, how radical the repairs to the bodywork have to be, if parts are to be replaced. If a complete section of pillar is to be replaced, it must be exactly measured or stabilised, so that the subsequent gap measurement can be guaranteed. When replacing any rear-end plating (picture 3) the situation is similar. The doors (picture 4) can be replaced as a whole, this however, is expensive and requires a great deal of assembly.

Even in the past, panel-beaters have sometimes successfully tried, to weld on a brace, so that the metal could be drawn. Indeed, when heated too much, components on the rear-side of the plating could be damaged. Nowadays, with the use of adhesives (picture 2) no such problems arise and the welding of the bits (picture 3), is done under controlled temperatures. The best thing to do, is to have a look at the repair-procedure in the following videos. 11/14

Can be particularly advantageous when working on aluminium ...

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