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Body Repair


Only 15% of all the work done in car-body repairs, is because of rust damage and tuning measures, 85% is repairing accident damage. More than half this work is carried out in authorised workshops.

- Customer relationship (customer-binding),
-Restoring back to the original condition (vehicles up to approx. 5 years old),
-Fulfillment of guarantee requirements concerning rust perforation.

How it works

Necessary for a complete repair of a moderately to severe damages are:

-Assessment of damage and calculation of the costs,
-Disconnection of the electrical system (battery, generator, control
 devices, possibly the air bag/s),
-Dismantling of defective and endangered components,
-Mounting on the repair bench,
-Alignment work,
-Sectional repair or the replacement of defective parts (corrosion prevention at the joins)
-Tin-plating and putty work,
-Surface protection (incl. priming and seam sealing),
-Re-assembly, re-connecting, checking the functions. 09/09

Not professional, but insane . . .

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