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Window tinting

How do you feel about window tinting foils? Do you place a lot of value on having privacy on the rear seats? Do you think it's a pity that you can't tint the front side-windows as strongly? Whatever the case may be, we've decided now, to go into this.

There are expensive foils with up to three layers, which are applied, mostly by experts, leaving no unevenness and certainly without bubbles. We however, will be using a product from a do-it-yourself market, which costs about one tenth of the expert price.

We know from the start, that we'll probably regret it. The cleaning of the windows and the cutting to size (make sure that you're using the right side!) is quite successful. Wet-on-wet is the principle, and the kit that we've bought had all the necessary tools for smoothing it out, indeed, if one works too hard on the cheap foils, the result will be visible scratches.

It seems impossible for the average layman to manage the more curved windows. Even a talented layman could easily fail. The expert with his professional foils, has a much better chance. He can 'train' the foil to fit the curve by laying it on the outside and treating it with a hair-dryer. Even he, would more than likely, not be able to lay the cheaper foils without blemishes.

Now, is it worth the whole effort? One thing is certain, the darker the foil, the less one can see through it (joke). Indeed, there is a direct connection between darkness and a lower influx of heat. This again however, has very little to do with the blocking of UV-rays.

Now, does a car treated like this stay cooler or not? Yes and no, because on the one hand, it is actually cooler behind a tinted window, on the other hand however, the entire front seating area is open to sunlight and this warmth can spread itself at will all around the interior. However, together with a correctly adjusted air-conditioning, an effect can certainly be achieved. 04/13

Privacy-glazing: 400 € (2013 Audi A3 Saloon)