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Body (rear part of Golf V)


What can be recognised by the rear frame-work of a car-body with only one door, without roof, and with just one single piece of body-work? First of all there is the strengthening for the rear axle, which at the same time, lends a higher stability to the C pillar, at the same time forming, together with the roofing-frame, a completely integrated roll bar. Then there are the openings, e.g., below, behind the side fender, for the interior ventilation. Also surprising, is that the inner plating of the door offers only one opening for the loudspeaker. Interesting is furthermore, how few sheet metal plates are used. One hardly sees any strengthening caused by plates welded one over the other. Finally, the large number of deep grooves (beadings) and small openings. From this point of view, one can understand the manufacturers dilemma between stability and light- weight constructing. 09/09