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Profile rollers


Admittedly, this is not a typical vehicle component which is being developed here on the profile rollers, but car-body parts manufactured in this way are also found in coach-building. This has the advantage of being a relatively easy, serial production process. The disadvantage is, the lack of flexibility.

How it works

As a rule, steel sheeting is delivered to the pressing plant of the car manufacturer, coiled around a spool weighing many tons. The rolling mill is generally affiliated directly with the steelworks. It is here that the above shown profile is also produced. In one passage, the metal sheet passes between the profile roller pairs Nos. 1 - 7, thus receiving its final form. These products are produced as running meters whose production is only profitable when manufactured in bulk.In the vehicle area nowadays, generally components where high accuracy demands are made, are produced by profile rollers. If, e.g., a gearwheel is not produced through casting, or rather press forging, the, although a little more expensive manufacturing by profile rollers, is also possible. It is much better than casting and, similar to press forging, the obtained direction of grain guarantees a high stress capacity. 09/09