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Dent Repairing


Looking at some dents, one gets the impression, that they have to be removed in exactly the opposite way that they got there. This would save complicated metal-working and spray painting. In most cases the paintwork follows the deformation. Indeed, in the meantime, there is such a process. However, it is not as simple as previously thought. On the contrary, it requires a great deal of patience.


In the above picture, the "metal doctor's" "cutlery tray" can be seen. With these instruments, a lot of dents can be reached in such a way, that a support (anvil) for the panelbeating is still possible. Sometimes the area to be worked must be specially protected, e.g., when working between the window and the metal of the car door. The construction of the body-work must also be known. If the area to be repaired is reinforced, then this method will hardly ever work.

Before the above shown tools can be put to use, in some cases, the tension must be taken out of the dent. If the dent goes inwards, a special glue, which allows the temporary attachment of an impact tool can help, it also makes sufficient outward impulses possible. This way, the unevenness can be roughly removed and the pressure and tension taken out of the metal.

For the layman, it looks as if the dent has been brought back to it's original form after only half the total repair time. Up to now, the repair area has been worked on in an almost never-ending process. It is important that only a small but frequent amount of force is applied. Under no circumstances should the dent be driven too far outwards.

Should the layman no longer notice any damage, one can be sure that an expert was at work. The most important part of the whole process, seems to be the exact observation of the dent from the outside. This is why the accurate adjustment of the lighting is so time consuming. Only the diagonal view along the body work, with the correct lighting, will actually show the panel beater, whether he was successful or not. The remaining work is done with a universal car-care set. 09/10

Remove dents without painting