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Glass 6 - Replacement Glass


Not for all vehicles the excellent 24-hour service and supply system suffices. Some need a new windscreen more urgent so that an journey can immediately be continued, other windscreens are so seldom that keeping them in stock is not worthwhile. A car-glass repair shop must also have a solution for these situations.

How it works

The least complicated method is cutting to size and replacing with a spare windscreen made of synthetic material. The precise cutting of real glass is a different story all together. This can of course be done only with double-layer laminated glass because single-layer safety glass must be submitted to thermal treatment after the cutting. These types of 'tailor-made' windscreens are often to be found in construction vehicles and also in old-timers. The double layer flat glass is delivered in large sheets and is processed using templates and glass-cutters, just the same as the glazier uses. However, the same line must be scored on both sides of the glass sheet. Taking a lot of care, one can first break one and then the other sheet. There is, in addition, of course, the production of suitable rubber seals, because vehicles with these windscreens do not, as a rule, have bonded windscreens. At least the earth-moving equipment now has one advantage: should the machine have previously had crumble-glass, which fell apart when damaged, it can now still be operated with just a crack in the windscreen. 08/08