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Glass 5 - Quick Repair


Since laminated glass entered the market, very small damages sometimes cause a replacement of a very large window accompanied by a complicated gluing process. This can be avoided if one can repair only the damaged area. This can only be done however, if the foil between the glass panes is not damaged. If the fissures and the point of impact do not exceed a certain diameter, and if the point of damage is more than 10 centimetres from the edge and not in an area of 29 cm in front of the steering wheel (DIN-A4-across), the repair is, at least in Germany, permitted, and the insurance company covers over all costs, (comprehensive insurance) not to mention the environmental and raw material advantages.


The point of impact should be protected immediately after the damage against the penetration of moisture and be repaired immediately.

How it works

After cleaning the area, a mirror is attached to the inside of the windscreen behind the area to be repaired. It depends on the nature of the chipping whether the spot should be bored open to allow the resin easier access. Any existing moisture must be completely removed (e.g., with a blow-drier). The mirror on the inside is a big help in the correct adjustment of the suction apparatus and the filling device on the outside. It is important that the red ring, visible in the figure above, must encompass all the damages. The moisture can then be sucked off. In the next step, the entire resulting cavity is filled with resin. A small piece of special activator-foil is placed over the area, this causes the resin to harden under UV light. Burnishing of the area or scraping with a razor blade is possible after 10 minutes. After a further 20 minutes the repair is completed.