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Glas 4 - Inserting Car Window

Window installation

For the layman the installation looks quite easy. The window is brought into the right position in the vehicle by using suction grips. (figure 1 and 2) However, one should not only orientate oneself on the traces of the old seal on the paintwork, because the seal could have been changed in the meantime. Also with well directed blows on the window care must be taken. In spite of large-size gloves, the improper use of the heel of your hand can leave you with a defective window. Some all-round panorama windows must be 'opened up' a little for the installation. On the other hand, others must be fitted in on top first. It is important to hold the window in position with, e.g., adhesive tape, (figure 2) after the adjustment. Tape can protect both the paint outside and inside the covering from adhesive residue, not bad for any ventilation and speaker slots.

Non-bonded windows

These are held by a thick rubber seal with at least two sealing lips, one for the window edge and one for the window frame of the car body. In this a special cord whose ends overlap a little on top, is placed. Below, a loop is made giving the same effect. Some sort of lubricant is spread on the rubber seal and on the window edge of the car body. If the window is now properly pressed into place, the cord can be pulled out, first from the top and bottom inwards out of the window seal. This way, the internal sealing lip wraps itself around the metal edge of the window frame. Because the cord is doubled at the top and at the bottom, it can first be pulled out here, keeping the window roughly in place. Only then is the cord to be removed from the sides.


The glue does the most important work by itself. Even after the customer has collected the car, the process is by no means completed yet. The 'car-wash', e.g., on the same day is taboo. After a certain curing period all that the technician now has to do, is to refit any interior or exterior covers and clean up. If the glue was properly applied using the gluing device, no left-over glue should be seen. The generous size of the silk screening areas help to disguise small remnants.


Why do the workshops who exchange windows have such a large choice of wiper blades in stock? Because it makes sense to also put new wiper blades on a new windscreen. Experience with rubberised materials teaches us that they are not always the losers when friction takes place between them and glass, metal or painted surfaces, e.g., often with a leaky oil seal, not only the seal, but also the shaft is due for replacement. Glass leaves its mark in rubber, nonetheless one should also not underestimate the influence that rubber has on glass. 08/08