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Aluminum welding

Argon protects, Wolfram, as an electrode, does not melt down

You may use an inert gas shielded welding system (see picture 1) for welding aluminum. It works with argon as inert gas and non melting wolfram as electrode (see picture 2). The aluminium metal sheets to be processed contain 5% of magnesium. They can be connected with or without additional wire. A precondition is the cleaning of the oxide layer, e.g., with a wire brush. The actual welding process takes a little longer than it would do with sheet metal.

The correct temperature is important

The electric arc is considerably brighter. It is important not to align directly on the welding seam so as not to raise the temperature. A relatively small angle is held between burner and crawler (piercing welding). Indeed, you must pay close attention to the temperature development, so that the seam does not sink back too strongly. Welding on both sides poses no problem, however, only after a suitable cooling period. Also, using this process, casting nodules can be joined to the suitable strands. Shortly after the welding process you can see how the seam and its surroundings are covered with a new oxide layer. You need less corrosion precaution, however, you should pay close attention to contact with other metals differing in value to aluminium with regard to the electro-chemical series.

Aluminium welding with simple set

For do-it-yourself workers, or old-timer owners who have only limited welding problems, e.g., a leaky aluminium lid, there are small welding systems with cartouche burners (camping gas) available which allow unproblematic use with filler metal. 07/08

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