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  Pange and Flange Tool


Its name is pange and flange tool, because the top part of this pair of pliers can be turned. This way it can both be used as a preparation to prepare a sectional repair and as a preparation tool for welding.

How it works

During the set off a strip of about 13 mm width is shifted 1 mm inward at the edge of the panel. The measure for the set off is roughly equal to the thickness of the panel, so that a new panel can be joined concisely. Afterwards it is possible to glue, dot or solder. As the pair of pliers is set now it punches 5 mm large holes into the panel as a preparation for the spot welding. The pange and flange tool is only one out of many examples for punch, set off, welt, and embossing pliers, including the hand stamping machine. This machine also exists with hydraulic-pneumatic support.