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Fold-down Rear Seats (Minivan)

Seats in saloon cars, estate cars and vans have always been able to be folded in a, more or less intelligent manner. In this case, also the third row of seats. Indeed, the seats in the second row must also be considered. This results in a seat fold-down system almost like in a camper (motor-home). The user is spared the cumbersome job of removing the seats and one obtains a level-, and in addition, also a variable luggage compartment. Should a really level surface be needed, the headrests can also be simply removed and stored. One disadvantage is however, that the third row seats are thinly upholstered and offer little side support.

The second seat row is moved after simple operation of a locking lever with the folded seat surface forward (Fig. 1) and is even more effective protection against slipping charge during braking. With the seats of the third row remain fundamentally interconnected seating surface and backrest (Fig. 2). They will not only simply folded forward but with a grip folded once about the transverse axis to the driving direction. Finally come upwards not only the back side of the backrest, but also the backs of the seats (Fig. 4).

Opel Fix does not fit to Isofix. It is a children's seat of Opel although it can not be completely integrated into the rear seat, but will fastened to it. By the way, only this and not in the third row of seats. However, this has the advantage that it grows with the child. First it will secured by its own five-point safety belt later by the three-point belt. You can even omit individually the backrest of the child seat.

The cutouts in the floor are dimensioned such that they can take one after the other back and seat. At the end the seat of the second row can be moved back again. At the same time the trunk can be used in variable length (Fig. 5). Even the belt buckles are retractable and thus the remaining gaps remain free of waste, a nice thick mat comes above.

Completely new solutions are possible with this seating concept. So be able to sit by the divisible benches in the second row of seats only two, and in the third only one person. Thereby will obtained an acceptable loading space right for elongated objects. One can still enhance the whole. If you pick up one person less, you can even fold down the backrest of the front passenger seat and then finally has reached the maximum load length.

At the seating concept of the relatively short Zafira is disadvantageous that the entry entirely to the rear is really not very comfortable and additionally the second row of seats completely moved forward and their backrest needs to be partially folded down, what getting out probably makes more difficult in case of emergency. 07/13

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