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Nowadays a car manufacturer who doesn't want to ignore the possibility of a potential customer because he cannot cater to the customers wishes, must cover every conceivable niche. If he is not able to do this, all that remains, is the cooperation with a similar partner. Most of these concentration processes are already almost worked out. Offer everything or die, is probably the motto of the mass-production manufacturers.

How it works

In this article, we have listed a small choice of a model range. The fastback version and the classical saloon are shown beside the convertible, followed by the estate car and the Minivan version for those who really need plenty of space. Of course, the coupe on the left, and the genuine van on the right, are still missing. In the case of the convertible, one can also distinguish between a four-seater and a two-seater roadster. Not to mention the light SUV and a dyed-in-the wool off-road vehicle.
Thereby, a great deal of rationalisation can be seen in the front area and under the sheet-metal body-work. The vehicles shown above can all be built up on the same platform, which sometimes does have a longer wheelbase. 'Platform' means, not only the complete engine and drive train, but also the chassis and suspension, although, in certain cases, they are specially coordinated.

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