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 Engine Oil-Finder

Frontend (cross section)


The longitudinal cross-section of the front end of the vehicle, allows us to have a look inside the car-body. While the fan has fallen victim to the cross-section, half of the radiator and half of the condenser were preserved. Much more interesting however, are the built-in car-body safety precautions. First, there is the fender, one half of which is resilient, this can absorb smaller impacts between the two, also resilient, synthetics grills, without being badly damaged.

Above this, is the part, sealed for sake of wind resistance, before the bonnet. It is thus connected with the cross beam, so that, in the case of contact, e.g., with pedestrians, a certain amount of freedom of movement to the rear is possible and with it reduced injury danger. Generally the whole front-end of the vehicle seems, despite the relatively compact construction method, to have been designed to soften the consequences of an accident and to improve the aerodynamics. 09/09

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