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Glass Roof


Glass has been, for a long time now, an important design element of the vehicle bodywork. Not only the rear and front headlights, the 'eyes', have drastically changed (and nowadays are partly made from synthetics), but also the optical fusion of the windows has become possible through bonding technology. In the meantime, apart from the opening sunroofs, static glass roofs have also appeared,. One can already anticipate, when we will have vehicles with two square metres of glass surface. Apart from the safety aspect, the possible heating of the interior naturally becomes more and more a factor.


Pre-tempered shatterproof glass is losing more and more ground. In the meantime, also rear and even side windows are already produced from laminated glass. As glass roofs, the really big panes can not be opened and are complemented with an electrically operated sun-blocking blind. Nevertheless, something else must be done against the solar irradiation. Instead of one foil, this laminated glass has three. Between the two (normal) foils, a third is introduced which protects particularly against infrared light. In addition, of course, one has the advantages of normal laminated glass, namely that no glass splinters can fly around and thus injure the passengers. All this, of course, apart from the higher stability of modern glass panes. 07/09