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Formula-1 Racing Car


On the above shown Formula 1 Ferrari, only a little of the built-in technology can be recognised. Perhaps a few details about the front suspension. Each wheel is guided by four, presumably individually adjustable struts, which form, in pairs, in each case, a wishbone. Apart from that, one can see a sort of tie-rod which runs parallel to the front upper strut.

Inside, beside the left front wheel, the air-intake for the brake-cooling is visible. Diagonally from here is a brace which connects the individual wheel to the spring and shock-absorber unit lying horizontallly in the top of the car body and thereby functioning as a support. Through a front suspension which is as aerodynamic as possible, only low air turbulence is apparent here. In addition, the air can easily reach the radiators lying horizontally behind it.

In a Formula 1 racing car, the refuelling system should be specially mentioned. Through fuel hoses approx. the thickness of a fire-hose, 12 litres of super-plus petrol per second are pressed into the tank. A full refueling takes approx. 11 seconds. $64,000 question: How large is the tank capacity?

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