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Design 7

If one compares the various views of cars with each other, then in the past, the driver's seat used to be more or less a secondary factor, the seat was far too close to the steering wheel, which was particularly obvious in older racing cars. In this case, the position of the engine and the fuel tank were the deciding factors.

In former times, it would have been unthinkable, to present a newly offered motor car, without opening the bonnet. Going back even further, one would have the car shown with the valve cover removed. After all, this is where the heart of the motor car is found and that this would always function perfectly, was by no means certain. Nowadays, despite having a large opening and a gas-springing, hardly anything can be seen anymore.

It would appear, that there are only three specific features in a car today: The exterior and interior design and the height of the loading compartment edge. Indeed, the size of the boot, except in the case of a sports car, is oversized anyhow. So, what's left, only the question, which is difficult to answer, of whether the outside appearance of the car is perhaps more important than what's inside. Whereby, the latter has to be divided into the driver's-side and the passenger-side.

One has the impression, that in the past, a connection existed between the interior- and the exterior design. Just have a look at the inside and outside of a 1950s American 'Battleship'. You won't find much sensuality or emphasis on the 'feeling'. Here the passengers and particularly the driver, were exhibited. At that time, probably nobody even thought of having tinted windows as an optional extra.

Imitation leather didn't seem to bother anyone either, on the contrary, it was considered quite chic to have as much as possible of the interior covered with the stuff. Completely in contrast to the inexpensive cars, like the VW-Beetle, whose dashboard consisted mainly of simple, painted metal. Hardly anyone did not feel at home in this 'naked' design, with only one plain, round instrument. Even the flower-vase (picture 4) was very soon to disappear.

Who, when buying a car today, thinks about the solution to the basic task of transporting something or someone from A to B? Does anyone ask themselves, whether this can be done efficiently with this or with another car? Who measures engine performance against possible loading situations? Certainly, there are special offers and they are taken advantage of, not only by those who only have a small budget. Indeed, by and large, the average car buyer is chasing a dream and he or she will pursue this dream as far as they possibly can, sometimes even further. 11/14

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