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Design 2

What actually has to be drawn? No-one will be satisfied with an answer of 'everything'. From the sometimes questionable visualation of the original idea, seen from the point of technical draughtsmanship, right up to the three dimensional illustrations found in older owner's manuals, where one could sometimes have a look under the bonnet without even opening it.

Through skilfful sectional-drawing, showing even large parts of the inside workings, illustrations of this nature, have even achieved a certain amount of cult-status. They are signed by the draughtsman- or woman and are sometimes sold as works of art. On the opposite side, there are suggestions of products, which only exist in the minds of the designers.

These may sometimes only be a few lines, adhering to the stipulation, that the function or meaning of the future component is more important than it's precise three-dimensional image. There is still one more important aspect of the designers work that we've not yet mentioned, the presentation for the prospective customers. A particularly bizarre field of activity.

In relation to house-building, this would mean, avoiding either that the home owner would live in a too futuristic house and not feel comfortable there, or that the architect would be suffocated by everyday uniformity wanted by overcautious investors. In the automobile field, the tastes of the manufacturers and the customers have become more similar. In the past, the cars were distictly too staid and stuffy. The advantage that the car-buyer had over the house buyer, was that the car-buyer was buying the finished product.

Accordingly, the vocal part of the design has increased. We're still far away from the idea, that the styling should perhaps speak for itself. The designers were the first ones who were sent out of the studios and out onto the streets, to dedicate themselves to the selling. One is not certain, which part has developed more intensely recently, the design or the explanation of the same.

From the very first idea, right up to the sellable product, the technical development is enormous. That which was started with a pencil and sketch-block and carries on to the tablet (see video below), doesen't, by any means stop in the elaborate sales-videos. There are giant exhibition structures, which the designers are also a part of and of course there are the installations. In some cases, one is only satisfied, when a certain cross-effect has been achieved, e.g., a fashion show taking place simultaneously, to celebrate a new electrcally powered car.

Indeed, the language and the cross-effect hide dangers for the design, which was always perilously close to the advertising. One only has to think about the enormous field of packaging. The wishes of the customer and the sales-athletes can become almost possessive. That's when the ideas are implanted in the head, even before the first pencil-line has been drawn. 03/12

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