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Racing vehicles can almost never get enough of it. If it would not damage to the air resistance and it was admitted by the regulations, even more spoilers would provide for lifting off and for more traction. The lighter the vehicle on the respective axis and the faster it curves, the more urgently the force which presses it at this point the driving surface. Auxiliary spoilers (brats) and wings outside and below the car body perform exactly this.

Easy to generate and absolutely needed drift in front

The complete roadability of a vehicle depends with the passenger car on four relatively small surfaces above which it has contact with the driving surface. Beside the size of these surfaces, above all, the pressure force is vital. There are less difficulties with the front axle of vehicles close to series or production because here quite available surfaces become streaming like the front bonnet or the windscreen and can provide with it for lifting off. Indeed, this is also especially necessary. Who does not know the situation that a softy sprung vehicle is to be steered in quick highway journey lighter and lighter, one loses increasingly the pavement contact. Here in the racing sport less and with the racing boats more often it can come to flashovers with fatal result.

Spoilers on the side, as a rear wing or as a diffuser

Even more beautiful would be if the drive for example depending on the speed would be controllable. Very well known are those retractable spoiler for the rear axle, less that it also has given them for the front axle (Alfa 90).Let us concentrate upon the rear axle. In the figure 4 on top an extensive reconstruction is to be seen. Whether the rear door still is to be opened, may be safely doubted. There will also not probably be street registration for in such a way dangerous excess ends. The widening of the car body was strictly used to the production of drift. And with a car which has a four-wheel drive with rather stronger torque amount in the front axle. Compared with the wings near the rear wheels the back spoiler precipitates almost small. Whether this was tested all thus in the wind tunnel, may be doubted, too. 01/08