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This is already the 2007-version of the Electronic Stability Program with Rollover-Protection, recognizably in the bigger pump engine. It drives in the system not only the ABS, but also the Electronic Stability Program- hydraulic pump. Both pumps are used as a rule in different situations to supply ABS while the brake pressure is scavanged, Electronic Stability Program to fed one to three wheel cylinder with pressure.

There is an also from the outside visible, quite clear subdivision of the functions: on the left the steering wheel part, in the middle the block with the valves and on the right side the electric motor. 16 valves are necessary, 8 for locking and scavenging (ABS) and 8 for locking and feeding (ESP). The valve part is made out of a solid piece of aluminium. In an assembly line with nearly 50 stations it is drilled, fine-worked and equipped. 6 connections (4 x wheel and 2 x main brake cylinder) are necessary with the mounting in the car.

An Electronic Stability Program equipment cannot be postprepared, even if already a standard ABS exists. It requires additional sensors and a connection with the engine control module. 01/08


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