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History of Races and Records

2008 Lewis Hamilton GP-winner (McLaren-Mercedes), Honda leaves Formula 1
2007 Kimi Räikkönen GP-winner (Ferrari), 30 Million Euro for the 574,8 km/h fast train (TGV, F)
2006 Fernando Alonso GP-winner (Renault), 22.000 km with one tank full (Boeing, US)
2005 Fernando Alonso GP-winner (Renault), (Airbus 380, 3 liters/100km / 800 passengers
2004 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Ferrari), the biggest truck - 2684 kW - 582t/360t (gross weight/payload, Liebherr, D), 11.000 km/h unmanned aircraft
2003 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Ferrari), 1st road vehicle to do more than 3000 km using 1 liter of fuel, amphibious vehicle 52 km/h schnell (Aquada, GB), closure of Concorde (passenger aircraft capable of twice the speed of sound)
2002 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Ferrari)
2001 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Ferrari), electric-vehicle (Li-Ionen-Batteries, 440 kW, 311 km/h, 4 axles, J)
2000 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Ferrari)
1999 Mika Häkkinen GP-winner (McLaren-Mercedes), 1st road vehicle capable of Mach 1, (1220 km/h), 2 jet-engines, 16 liters/sec. (Green, GB)
1998 Mika Häkkinen GP-winner (McLaren-Mercedes)
1997 Jacques Villeneuve GP-winner (Williams-Renault)
1996 Damon Hill GP-winner (Williams-Renault)
1995 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Benetton-Renault), 555 km/h (Maglev - magnetic levitation, J)
1994 Michael Schumacher GP-winner (Benetton-Ford)
1993 Alain Prost GP-winner (Williams-Renault)
1992 Nigel Mansell GP-winner (Williams-Renault)
1991 Ayrton Senna GP-winner (McLaren-Honda)
1990 Ayrton Senna GP-winner (McLaren-Honda), infinitely variable inlet manifold length (racing engine, Mazda), 515 km/h (TGV-train, F)
1989 Alain Prost GP-winner (McLaren-Honda), turbo-ban in the Formula 1
1988 Ayrton Senna GP-winner (McLaren-Honda)
1987 Nelson Piquet GP-winner (Williams-Honda)
1986 Alain Prost GP-winner (McLaren-TAG-Porsche), 1st, 2nd and 6th place in the Rally Paris-Dakar (Porsche 959, D)
1985 Alain Prost GP-winner (McLaren-TAG-Porsche)
1984 Niki Lauda GP-winnerSieger (McLaren-TAG-Porsche)
1983 Nelson Piquet GP-winner (Brabham-BMW)
1982 Keke Rosberg GP-winner (Williams-Ford-Cosworth)
1981 Nelson Piquet GP-winner (Brabham-Ford-Cosworth), use of carbon-fibre in the Formula 1 (McLaren/Lotus, GB)
1980 Alan Jones GP-winner (Williams-Ford-Cosworth)
1979 Jody Scheckter GP-winnerSieger (Ferrari)
1978 Mario Andretti GP-winner (Lotus-Ford-Cosworth)
1977 Niki Lauda GP-winner (Ferrari), water speed record 510 km/h (Worby, Aus)
1976 James Hunt GP-winner (McLaren-Ford-Cosworth), 254 km/h over a distance of 500 km, among others (DB C111 Diesel), 3529 km/h world record for operational aircraft (Lockheed, US), passenger aircraft capable of twice the speed of sound (Concorde, F/GB)
1975 Niki Lauda GP-winner (Ferrari)
1974 Emerson Fittipaldi GP-winner (McLaren-Ford-Cosworth)
1973 Jackie Stewart GP-winner (Tyrell-Ford-Cosworth), 379 km/h (Diesel, Snyder, US)
1972 Emerson Fittipaldi GP-winner (Lotus-Ford-Cosworth), 11th overall victory at the Targa Florio (van Lennep, Müller, Porsche Carrera RSR)
1971 Jackie Stewart GP-winner (Tyrell-Ford-Cosworth), double victory at Le-Mans (Porsche 917)
1970 Jochen Rindt GP-winner (Lotus-Ford-Cosworth), Le-Mans-triple-victory (Porsche 917), double overall victory with lap record at the Targa Florio (Siffet/Redman, Rodriguez/Kinnunen, Porsche 908- 03 Spider), 1001 km/h (rocket engine, Gabelich, US), death of Jochen Rindt during training (GP, Italien)
1969 Jackie Stewart GP-winner (Matra-Ford-Cosworth), quadruple overall victory and lap record at the Targa Florio (Mitter/Schütz, Porsche 908-02 Spider)
1968 Graham Hill GP-winner (Lotus-Ford-Cosworth), Jumbo-Jet (Boeing, US)
1967 Denis (Denny) Hulme GP-winner (Brabham-Repco), Triple overall victory at the Targa Florio (Stommelen, Hawkins, Porsche 910-8, Elford/Nerpasch, Porsche 910-6)
1966 Jack Brabham GP-winner (Brabham-Repco), Austin Mini -> triple victory at the Rally Monte Carlo, overall victory at the Targa Florio (Müller, Mairesse, Porsche 904 Carrera 6), Honda-motorcycles 5 world championship titles, racing-turbos (Indianapolis, US)
1965 Jim Clark GP-winner (Lotus-Climax), (960 km/h (Breedlove, US), tyre-testbench tryout at 1360 km/h (Goodyear, US)
1964 John Surtees GP-winner (Ferrari), Mini wins the Rally Monte Carlo, 846 km/h (Spirit of America, three-wheeler, Breedlove, US), Honda -> Formel 1, overall victory at the Targa Florio (Pucci, Davis, Porsche 904 Carrera GTS)
1963 Jim Clark GP-winner (Lotus-Climax), overall victory at the Targa Florio (Bonnier, Abate, Porsche 718 GTR)
1962 Graham Hill GP-winner (BRM), Porsch GP victory (Gurney, Rouen, F)
1961 Phil Hill GP-winner (Ferrari)
1960 Jack Brabham GP-winner (Cooper-Climax)
1959 Jack Brabham GP-winner (Cooper-Climax), overall victory at the Targa Florio (Bonnier, Hermann, Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder), death of Vicenzo Florio (founder of the Targa Florio)
1958 Mike Hawthorn GP-winner (Ferrari Dino 246)
1957 Juan Manuel Fangio GP-winner (Maserati 250 F)
1956 Juan Manuel Fangio GP-winner (Lancia, Ferrari), overall victory at the Targa Florio (Maglioli, Porsche 550 A Spider)
1955 Juan Manuel Fangio GP-winner (Mercedes)
1954 Juan Manuel Fangio GP-winner (Mercedes, Maserati)
1953 Alberto Ascari GP-winner (Ferrari)
1952 Alberto Ascari GP-winner (Ferrari), 244 km/h (Rover gas-turbine)
1951 Juan Manuel Fangio GP-winner (Alfa Romeo), reconstruction of the Avus, 500cc NSU mit 290 km/h (Herz, D)
1950 Jet aircraft testing (US), Giuseppe Farina GP-winner (Alfa Romeo)
1940 Speed record almost 600 km/h
1939 156 km/h (Hanomag-Diesel), 595 km/h (Railton, John Cobb, GB), Hermann Lang GP-European champion (Mercedes-Benz 163 B)
1938 575 km/h (Thunderbolt, George Eyston, GB), Rudolf Caracciola GP-European champion (Mercedes-Benz 154 B)
1936 256 km/h (Diesel), Bernd Rosemeyer GP-European champion Auto Union C, Rudolf Caracciola GP-Europameister (Mercedes-Benz W 125 B)
1935 300 Mph = 485 km/h (Bluebird, Malcolm Campbell, GB), Rudolf Caracciola GP-European champion (Mercedes-Benz W25 B)
1931 Victory at the Mille Miglia (DB, Rudolf Caracciola)
1930 Speed record approx. 270 km/h, 100 km/h at the Mille Miglia (Nuvolari, Alfa Romeo)
1929 Airship flight around the world (LZ 127, D)
1928 238 km/h (rocket powered vehicle by Opel, D)
1927 Opening of the Nürburgring, Mille Miglia (I), Delage GP-world champion
1926 Supreme National sports commission (Oberste Nationale Sportkommission for motor-racing in Germany), German GP, Targa-Florio victory (1,5 Liter-120 PS-Maserati), Lorraine-Dietrich wins at Le Mans, Bugatti GP-world champion
1925 Belgian GP, Lorraine-Dietrich wins at Le Mans, front-wheel-drive racing car (Miller, US), Alfa GP-world champion
1924 Airship Atlantic-crossing (LZ 126, D)
1921 Avus (race track, Berlin), Italian GP
1920 Speed record (due to the first World War) unchanged at approx. 200 km/h
1919 High-altitude record at 9760m (Airplane with a BMW-six cylinder engine, Franz Dino Diemer)
1916 Fiat A.12bis (300 PS) 160 km/h
1911 Speed record 228 km/h (Blitzen-Benz, 21 Liter, 200 PS, Burman, US), Indianapolis 500, Rallye Monte Carlo, Benelli (I)
1910 Indianapolis 500 (US), speed record approx. 200 km/h
1909 205 km/h (Victor Hemery, Blitzen-Benz 21,5 l, 200 PS), First air-crossing of the English Channel (Bleriot, F)
1907 Tourist Trophy (Isle of Man, GB), Peking-Paris race which took 2 months (Le Matin, Paris)
1906 Targa Florio, originally a 148 km circular course (later 72 km, Vincenzo Florio, I), Grand Prix (F), compressor-racing car (US)
1905 Touring Car Rallye (Landsberg, D)
1904 168 km/h (Barras, B), 168 km/h over 1 km flying-start (Opel,D)
1903 First Gordon-Bennet-Race, Solitude-race-track (Stuttgart), Coast-to-coast journey (Jackson, US), 139 km/h (Wurgis, US), motorised flight, 255 m, 59 seconds (Flyer I, Wright brothers, US)
1900 Speed record approx. 100 km/h
1899 More than 100 km/h (Jenatzy, F)
1897 54 km/h (Winton, US)
1895 (Racing-) car with one-piece pneumatic tyre (Michelin, F), London-Brighton-Race
1894 Paris - Rouen, considered to be the first motor car race
1891 Paris-Brest-Paris race (Peugeot)
1869 Cycle race (Paris - Rouen)

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