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Adjustable Stabilizer


Electronics has conquered the car. Even a simple stabilizer at the suspension is not spared.At first the stabilizer was applied to upper class vehicles without air suspension. It helped in reducing the side inclination in curves.
Since the introduction of SUVs with very sporty engines, it is necessary to allow a decoupling of the two relatively thick iron bars at the wheels. Thus, the wheels of one axle have more freedom of movement against one another for example for off-road driving.

How it works

In principle, the adjustable stabilizer consists of two parts. Between them an electric motor or hydraulic unit (picture above) is positioned. The intermediate piece may move both parts up by a few degress against one another or disentangle them. In the first case the effect of the stabilizer is strengthened, nullified in the latter case. Despite a preset wire size a weaker or stronger stabilizer can be simulated.

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