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Damper 10 - Repair


This page answers the question, of how nowadays, the individual components of a removed suspension strut are separated from each other in a fairly professional manner. Please, give some thought to the fact that the springs are, as a rule, pretensioned. For this reason, the screw (see above figure) may not simply be loosened with a ratchet.


First of all, it must be pointed out, how this damper is mounted. It is important that no deforming of the damper-pipe occurs. The deformations of the damper, in the secnd picture above, are possible because, in this case, it concerns a double-pipe damper.

Earlier, a threaded spring-tension adjuster was considered the optimum equipment. That is still the case today. However, those who e.g., in the tuning branch, must more often separate the springs from the damper struts, are far better off using hydraulic support. Of course, one is also quicker using this equipment.

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