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 Engine Oil-Finder

Damper 7 - Magnetic Ride

Variable viscosity changes of damper oil

The above figure can only insufficiently depict the special properties of damper liquid. There are also, by no means, only two switching states, a variable control is also possible. There are magnetic particles, smaller than one hundreth of a millimeter, which play a deciding role. The fluid itself is no longer based on oil, but has a synthetic structure. Additional substances provide for the maintainance of the qualities which ensure a long damper life.

Electro-magnetism generates a circulatory interference

The magneic coil which is connected by conduits to the control device, is more important for the diagnosis of possible faults. This can build up a magnetic field, which reduces the viscosity of the damper fluid, because in the direction of the magnetic field-lines, chains are formed, which decisively hamper the flow.

More simple throttle construction, comfortable in case of emergency

As a rule, hydraulic dampers have a device which controls the various rebound- and compression stages. In this case, they are not necessary, because, in a matter of milli- seconds the circulatory resistance can be altered by the bore holes in the piston. This is possible during the transition from compression to rebound, either on both sides or on only one side. Probably, the simple throttle borings now remaining in the damper piston, are adapted to the emergency situation in case of a system collapse. Some care should be taken, because this is the most comfortable sdjustment.

Magnetic coil sensor and actuator in one, the rest through the CAN-Bus

For the time being, as far as sensor systems are concerned, all that's needed is a selector switch. The control device can be given the information concerning the spring-compression on the axels from the light-range regulation. In addition, at least the yaw-rate and the lateral acceleration information is added. The sub-dividing between the sensors and the actuators becomes a little mixed up in this system, because the magnetic coil, through electric current, is also used to determine the temperature. 01/08

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